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Join this spring most motivating activity campaign

6 cities

Challenge period: April 22th – June 2nd

On April 22, the most motivating activity campaign of the spring starts. For 6 weeks, we register all our activity and "go" virtually through 6 cities. In each city we will stop at some of its famous sites, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Covent Garden in London. Together, we will focus on an active everyday life in a fun, simple and motivating way. The goal is to keep a step average of 10,000 steps over the entire competition period. Get ready for a fun, social and motivating challenge! Sign up here!

The purpose of the campaign

Get in shape and have fun together! Small changes in everyday life can provide great health benefits. Everything from taking the stairs instead of the elevator, to a workout in the evening.


The more the merrier! Create teams and challenge each other. We recommend teams of 2-8 people. Are you more than 8 people? Create more teams! Together you will work to reach the goal in time.

All activities count!

The goal is to keep a daily step average of 10,000 steps throughout the competition period. All steps you take and all activity you register are counted in your step average. Your steps are transferred automatically with our app and you can easily register other activity in the activity table.

Follow the progress

Follow your and the team's success through the 6 big cities in our virtual map with exciting stops along the way. By registering all your activity, you get closer to the goal. Follow each other in top lists, challenge people, teams and workplaces from all over Sweden.

Social Dytt-challenges

In addition to registering all your physical activity, you can get extra steps by accepting different challenges. The challenges motivate a sustainable everyday life with a focus on movement and the social aspect. Take a lunch walk with a colleague or invite to a digital coffee and be rewarded with steps.

How to register you activity

The goal is to reach an activity level of 10,000 steps a day and all activities counts! You can easily register all activity directly in the app and on the web.

  • The app - Steps and everyday activities are automatically registered by the app. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play. All activity associated with Apple Health and Google Fitness is automatically transferred to Tappa’s app.
  • Activity table - If you perform other activities, these can easily be registered in the activity table through the app or tappa.se. Example: 30 min cycling provides 3,900 steps.
  • Fitbit, Polar or Garmin - Connect your wearables to your personal Dytt-profile and have your steps automatically transferred.
Video: See how the Dytt app works
Download the app:
Integrated with:
Fitbit, Polar & Garmin


There will be weekly prizes among everyone who manages to keep a step average of 10,000 or more during the competition. We administer everything around the competition with motivating updates, prizes and support. All you need to do is register and we will arrange the rest.



Make a joint registration for your workplace and receive a start code via email


Download the app, create a profile and enter the start code or enter the start code on dytt.no and create a profile.


Start walking, cycling or register the activity that suits you best!

Sign up!

Gather your colleagues and sign up.

199 kr

per participant excluding VAT

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